<pstyle="margin-top:0cm;margin-right:0cm;margin-bottom:11.25pt;margin-left: 0cm;line-height:115%;vertical-align:baseline"="">Here we would like to thank those people who have shared their experiences with us.



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L. A., 70 years old:

While I was recuperating from a long and serious illness, one of the basic things I had to take care of was food. I had a difficult time with the new diets and strict restrictions. My attitude was one of obligation and the “I should…”. I dieted for a time, but eventually fell back into old habits and them I felt bad about myself. The problem was not that I didn"t know how to eat well, it was much more profound, it was about how I related to myself.

After a visit with Dana I was surprised that she did not talk to me about strict diets, but instead she studied my daily diet habits and listened to my difficulties observing my relationship with some food. She helped me understand my behaviour in old habits and thanks to different treatments at the centre they have slowly disappeared from my life as I incorporate a healthier and beneficial diet for my body.

Thanks to the guidance and care given to me at theClinic of Integrated Medicine DANA BROSS, I find pleasure in taking proper care of myself both internally and externally and living the close relationship it has with my emotional process. At the Clinic they accompany me in this process, augmenting my consciousness both mentally and physically. I enjoy feeling how my body gets better as the general malaise, pain, and other difficulties gradually disappear and I integrate another way to relate to myself.

Since I have been visiting the centre I have noticed a surprising change in my level of energy both physically and mentally. I feel more active, agile and more vital. I especially feel very connected with my body. Thanks to the different treatments I have undergone and the advice I received from the team in my daily life, I have increased my capacity for auto-observation, leaning new strategies that allow me to discover new ways to relate to my body and the environment.

J. F., 80 years old:


I am much better. I am more agile. I look at life in a new way. I am more optimistic; I am in less pain and have better cardiovascular health.

G. F., 50 years old:


It is the way to control your health and wellbeing as we are affected by a very busy lifestyle, poor eating habits and not enough contact with nature. This causes suffering, stress and other problems.

F. M., 66 years old:

<pstyle="margin-top:0cm;margin-right:0cm;margin-bottom:11.25pt;margin-left: 0cm;line-height:115%;vertical-align:baseline"=""><pstyle="margin-top:0cm;margin-right:0cm;margin-bottom:11.25pt;margin-left: 0cm;line-height:115%;vertical-align:baseline"="">The truth is that I arrived in a Wheel chair and now I walk. I generally am a lot less tired, much more energized and I feel like doing things. More energy during the day, I sleep better at night. Although they last a short time, after each treatment I feel much better and I say to myself “that Thai beating was worth it :-)

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What I value from the centre: installations and dedication. You can really feel the implication and true interest in the client. This you can breathe and feel. You are always exploring yourself, training yourself and that type of professionalism is appreciated. This attitude is a value.


When one is successful it is not the result of one thing, put a package.

P. G., 46 years old:

<pstyle="margin-top:0cm;margin-right:0cm;margin-bottom:11.25pt;margin-left: 0cm;line-height:115%;vertical-align:baseline"=""><pstyle="margin-top:0cm;margin-right:0cm;margin-bottom:11.25pt;margin-left: 0cm;line-height:115%;vertical-align:baseline"=""><pstyle="margin-top:0cm;margin-right:0cm;margin-bottom:11.25pt;margin-left: 0cm;line-height:115%;vertical-align:baseline"="">I came for the massage. Fort he first time I found something that I said “Good! Probably the best massage ever” After the massage I leave with much more energy than I had when I entered. A kind of gift I give to my health, both physical and mental.

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I come into the centre as if I were at home. You enter and you relax. Trust, tranquillity.

R. C., 66 years old:

It"s a pleasure! If I could, I"d be here every day. The best treatment I"ve ever had

The place is fantastic! The people are friendly and professional. There is a generosity that makes you leave in a state of grace.

J. R., 89 years old:


I feel much more flexible, with renewed vitality and enthusiasm. I want to continue the treatment. I have new projects and I need at least 10 years of energy to complete them.

M. L., 49 years old:

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It exudes trustworthiness. I trust Dana, and I know she will give me the treatment that I need. She never sells me anything unnecessary. Honest and professional.



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Advanced Integrated Medicine

Advanced Integrated Medicine

Gives health and vitality

Gives health and vitality

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