Founder, Dana Bross

My passion for Integrated Medicine

I was very fortunate to grow up in a family that loved both the art and the sciences. My grandfather was a doctor, and my father was an enthusiast of natural medicine, biochemistry and pharmacology. In our home we even had a laboratory where he experimented. He was an inventor and registered various patents. Curiosity and the desire to learn and take action were embedded in me.

I came to Barcelona at the age of 18. The city and its people captivated me. I graduated with a degree in Naturopathy, traditional Chinese Medicine and I did graduate work in Homeopathy. I trained to be an Art-therapist and psychotherapist as well. I continued my studies in additional traditional medicines: Ayurveda, Old Medicine Thai Massage Therapy, … and I broadened my skill in Acupuncture. Finally, I completed my training with Biological Medicine techniques

Throughout my therapeutic experience, working in other centres, I realized that a unified global focus was missing; a thread that brought together and made sense of the sum of all the treatment techniques. This is where my need to approach health issues in this way was born. I wanted to create a space where all these treatments where applied under a unifying global criteria.

The entrepreneurial spirit of my family gave me the strength to follow my dream and create my own Clinic of Integrated Medicine; the fruit of my knowledge and life experience.

Patients come to our clinic in search of a solution to a specific problem, and after improving their symptoms they enter into a process of personal knowledge and consciousness that leads them to be owners of their own life. I believe that this is the best way to describe the scope of our work. Reaching this point leaves me very satisfied.



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Advanced Integrated Medicine

Advanced Integrated Medicine

Gives health and vitality

Gives health and vitality

You will feel healthy, young, vital and pleased with life.
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