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On the well-known Avenida Diagonal of Barcelona right off Paseo de Gracia, you will find one of the most beautiful modernist buildings of the city, the Casa Comalat. Our clinic has discovered in Modernism, the symbiosis of art and science, and a perfect place to house Integrated Medicine.

As you enter the Clinic, The Vitruvius Man of Leonardo da Vinci welcomes you. This figure represents the global being, holistic, connected in harmony with his environment, balanced; the Renaissance man that we have incorporated into our clinic image.

We have designed diagnostic and treatment spaces that correspond to the 4 work areas:


We have created a unique place for Integrated Medicine. We invite you to explore and discover our installations in the multi-media section of this site where you will find photographs and a virtual tour.



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Advanced Integrated Medicine

Advanced Integrated Medicine

Gives health and vitality

Gives health and vitality

You will feel healthy, young, vital and pleased with life.
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