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The human body works in unison. It is an indivisible unit, where all the systems are related to one another and its environment. Health and illness depend of the harmony of these inter-relationships and those with the environment. In the Clinic of Integrated Medicine DANA BROSS we focus on this new scientific paradigm based on the Theory of Systems.


We perform a global diagnostic and treatment on all levels:

Interventions always contemplate all the system levels and their relational aspects: starting with the functional biological ones, to those more complex like communication and human relationships.

Each person is an individual and unique universe that develops and evolves in relation to its environment; symptoms and illnesses can be identical, but people are not. In the Clinic of Integrated Medicine DANA BROSS we focus our attention on relational therapy as the fundamental vehicle so that the therapeutic techniques are truly healing.

Our priority is quality medicine, and our objective is not only to foment our client"s health, but also their capacity to re-generate, and to strengthen their autonomy and quality of human relationships.

We are specialists in the slowing down of the aging process, preventing illness and avoiding relapses. We improve the quality of life of those who have undergone intense treatments and those with chronic disorders.





We adapt to the healing process of each patient. We help them augment their capacity of auto-perception, to be more conscious and aware of their body so that so that they can be able to feel where and how the difficulty arises when re-establishing their GLOBAL health and offer them the paths to its recuperation,



Integration is the core of all our clinical focus:

  • 1. because we use both traditional and vanguard therapeutic techniques.
  • 2. always contemplating the four aspects of human nature.
  • 3. emphasizing relational aspects.



In order to help people recuperate their Global Health it is not only necessary to be knowledgeable in therapeutic techniques and the nature of the human being, but also to understand the causes of the development of an illness. We have a team and collaborators that are highly qualified and experienced and that work together under the DANA BROSS Integrated Medicine concept.

Therapeutic Relation


The quality of the therapeutic relation is the fundamental vehicle that leads to treatments being truly healing.



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Advanced Integrated Medicine

Advanced Integrated Medicine

Gives health and vitality

Gives health and vitality

You will feel healthy, young, vital and pleased with life.
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