At the Clinic of Integrated Medicine DANA BROSS we offer a global focus that is carried out by a team of professionals of different specialities that work together in a tight collaboration

Dana Bross

Clinic Founder. Director. Integrated Medicine

Degree from CENAC in Naturopathy and Chinese Traditional Medicine. Post- graduate degree in Homeopathy and Art-therapy, INECAT certified.She is an expert in Traditional Corporal Treatments: Ayurveda, Old Thai Massage Therapy and Deep Hyperthermia. She is a specialist in Anatheorisis Therapy through the Birscham International University and a trained psychotherapist in Psycho-corporal Integration, certified by ETIP. Even with all this learning, she continues to perfect her skills with the same enthusiasm as always. Now, She studies Grado en Ciencias Empresariales y Management in Facultad de Ciencias Económicas y Empresariales of Universidad Pompeu Fabra and Grado de Ciencias Biomédicas in Universitat de BarcelonaGrado en Ciencias Empresariales y Management de la Facultad de Ciencias Económicas y Empresariales de la Universidad Pompeu Fabra y el Grado de Ciencias Biomédicas de la Universitat de BarcelonaFENACO registration nº 2442.


Dra. Irina Matveikova

Medical specialist in endocrinology and clinical nutrition expert on eating disorders

Family doctor referee in Madrid. After her graduation in medicine, she did postgraduate studies in preventive and holistic medicine in France, United States, Argentina, Spain and Czech Republic. Dr. Matveikova is a consistent believer about the combination of natural and conventional medical approaches. Therefore, she is one of the most important references in Spain about this issue.
She is also author of the books "Digestive Intelligence" (2011, La esfera de libros), Pure Health Pura (2013, La esfera de libros), "Digestive Intelligence" (Findhorn Press, UK) and numerous articles about digestive health and functional food. Dr. Matveikova uses holistic and preventive medicine and put great emphasis on patients" re-education.
Dra. Irina is a member of ICOMEM (Official College of Physicians of Madrid), SEEN (Spanish Society of Endocrinology and Nutrition), ESNM (European Society of Neurogastroenterology and Motility) and BRITISH HERBAL MEDICINE Association.

Dra. Gloria Sabater

Doctor of Pharmacy expert in anti-aging medicine

Doctor of Pharmacy (University of Barcelona, 1998).She is also specialized in drug testing by the University of Barcelona (2002) and Antiaging at the University of Charleroi (CUNIC, 2005). She obtained the Diploma in Genetics "The art of being" for consultations on customized preventive medicine by the European Institute for Personalized Prevention (2008). She is also professor at the Master in Antiaging at the Autonomous University of Barcelona. She is a member of SEMAL (Spanish Society of Anti-Aging Medicine) and international delegate of the WOSAM (World Society of Anti-Aging Medicine). Member of the Royal Academy of Pharmacy of Catalonia since December 2007.

Profesora del Máster en Antiaging en la Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona. Es miembro de SEMAL (Sociedad Española de Medicina Antienvejecimiento) y delegada internacional de la WOSAM (Sociedad Mundial de Medicina Antienvejecimiento). Miembro de la Real Academia de Farmacia de Cataluña desde diciembre de 2007.

Dra. M. Amparo Rodríguez Álvarez


Medical specialist in dermatology at the Dr. Paul Humbert professorship. Aesthetic medicine adviser and dermatology medical journals collaborator.
Medical referee with the number 23600.



Leire Etxeandia


Medical Biomagnetism. Biomagnetic par & Bioenergy teached by Dr. Isaac Goiz Durán (Biomagnetic par creator), C.I.B.M. Medical Biomagnetism Research Center, Member of the Spanish Association of Medical Biomagnetism (Number affiliation: 156). Terapist of M.T. Tagdröl method, learned from Mercedes Udaeta. Radiestesy and floral essences (Bach flowers, Gems essences, Orchids essences) formed by Mika Widmanska & María Martínez, Nestinar school.


Rafael Muñoz


He has a degree in Osteopathy (Structural, Cranial and Visceral) from ISMET (Instituto Superior de Medicinas Tradicionales) and Inmaster. He is specially trained in Energetic Osteopathy by Pascal Pesselon; in Visceral Osteropathy with Antonio Arcos; Posturology in Win-postur in the Centro de Estudios Posturográficos de la Estática); in Pediatric Oshepathy with Muriel Coupel; in Bio-decodification in E.M.P.O. Collaborating member of ICOP (Instituto Científico Osteopático y Posturológico). Affiliated member of COFENAT, associate nº 4484.

Agustín Rodríguez


Body Oriented Psychotherapy Integration

Psychotherapist specialized in Body Oriented Psychotherapy Integration. Body Therapist specialized in CRC (Conscience and Body Restructuring). Professor of Palpatory Anatomy at the ETIP (Escuela de Terapia en Integración Psicocorporal).




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Advanced Integrated Medicine

Advanced Integrated Medicine

Gives health and vitality

Gives health and vitality

You will feel healthy, young, vital and pleased with life.
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